Sep. 2nd, 2009

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Today I have sat, watched TV, ravaged through chocolate and ritz biscuits...
I really can't be bothered doing anything. I feel quite personal and thoughtful and I know that if I walk outside into the 'real world' I'll immediately get shut off from this kind of state like a store shutter clamping down to the ground with a massive clang -__-
Then, suddenly, sociable and hyperactive Beth will appear and look as ditzy and happy as ever! *stupid grin*

Today is the first day I've actually wanted to do nothing. I've been going out with a lot of people because it's like they're all desperate to spend time together before we split, but one day of rest is fine right?! Well ok I lie... I've had more than one day of rest... it's just that today I really want to do it XD

There's a lot that I wanted to do that I haven't... things like drawings and writing and sewing and shit. I'm never gonna be able to do it all today lol but even going out to the cinema with Liam seems annoying to me :\

On a lighter note, I seem to be writing more fanfiction lately. It's not original writing but it's a step in the right direction, after all I haven't been writing at all lately. Along with that I got back into the idea of those bloody ball jointed dolls again... I know, they're actually lovely things, but they are terribly expensive and I'll never realistically get one...
Unless I got a job XD
The thing I really like about them is looking at other people's dolls. It's interesting. They dress them up and make their faces different and give them different wigs... it's a strange form of expression I suppose. Looking through pictures of them is like walking through an art gallery without the wank.


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