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It's too late for me to form proper sentences XD

But I've come to this conclusion:

There is a friend. He is so open and so in touch with the emotions of himself and others that sometimes it's difficult to understand. He is a strong person who will stand up for himself, but sometimes his 'method' for doing so is more offensive than anything else. All round he just wants to grow as a person and help those who he likes on his way, nothing about him is tainted.

So keeping this in mind, here's the next part:

I am so oblivious to other people's actions that it takes me days to realise I've made a fool of myself. I do what I can to entertain others but in the process I've blocked out whatever depressing words that my friends have shared with me simply to continue being blissfully happy. The flaw in this method is that I live in a world that doesn't listen to anything but if anything breaks through the barriers I go crazy with emotion.


This guy likes me, I don't quite understand, but hey, I've found out that I can't deal with him here all the time being deep. It's a good thing I know but when I'm done thinking I move on like a bee to another flower. He's so clingy and I'm too fluttery. When he is weak, he is strong. When I am weak, I am weak.

It's not that I don't want to delve into dark places; if there was something to be fixed I would find the motivation to fix it by myself. What I don't like is constant invasion and constant attention to detail. It might work for some, but it doesn't for me. When I fall - I fall. I find it hard to get back up. I've decided to stay on top to learn a bit more about the surface before going underground.

So basically - Nope. The guy has obviously lost his mind. He needs a different buddy before this one suffocates. *dies of tiredness*

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